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Whimsy By Nikki Whimsy and Wine Painting Parties Grey Bruce

Whimsy's  Mission

Whimsy By Nikki aspires to inspire; bringing together positive client experiences in the spirit of creativity, one canvas at a time.

Whimsy partners in creativity; enhancing the lives of others through fun, imaginative, personal expression in an environment that celebrates each other’s uniqueness. Offering quality products and services, it is our best success to leave each client feeling happy for adding a little Whimsy to their life.

Whimsy By Nikki is 100% Locally-Owned, and Proudly Contributes

to Local Causes and Non-Profit Organizations  


Providing creative and artistic services for over 20 years, Whimsy By Nikki is based off of services that Nikki Burgess has been offering to friends, family and her community over time. There's a reason why people call Nikki when they need help to execute their wedding, client event or themed party. She's the girl who offers creative ideas on how to make an impact; the one they call to add the extra special details.   As a 'Jill of All Trades' Nikki can boost Halloween costumes with make-up tricks, and design print material for businesses, events and weddings.  She paints personalized gifts for those special moments, and her experience in classroom teaching, mural painting, and graphic design keeps her creative mind happy.  


When she came across the social art business concept, Nikki was inspired to bring this unique and fun alternative night out to the Grey and Bruce communities.  Combining friends, art, (and for some, a drink or two) in a relaxed social setting, where people can laugh and get acquainted with their own creative side is what Whimsy is all about!  Some folks haven't had the occasion to pick up a paint brush since they were little.  Social art events offer artists of all ages an opportunity to say hello to their inner artist, with the perfect mix of Nikki's energetic assistance and support and their own impressive inspiration.  No matter the skill level, guests leave amazed and proud of their creations.  As of May 2018, Nikki is proud to launch the Whimsy Art Studio, located at 277 10th Street East, in Owen Sound.  This new creative space will allow artists an inspiring place to paint, during both public events or in their own private party time! 


Additionally, Whimsy offers services to individuals and families through children's painting parties, face painting, mural artwork and unique customized nursery decor.  Whimsy offers businesses and professionals opportunities to impress their clients with a remarkable display of art, customized to their own branding, as well as staff/client appreciation events and team building events.  With Nikki as your Partner in Creativity, there are many ways to add a little Whimsy to your life!  

Whimsy By Nikki Whimsy and Wine Painting Parties Grey Bruce

Over the past 5 years, Whimsy guests have quenched their creative thirsts and painted beautiful works of art, while discovering how therapeutic a little painting time can be... Whimsy events have brought together friends, old and new, created family time between parents and children (little kids and grown-up kids too!), and hosted fun, memorable date nights! And WOW! Girl's Night Out has never been so colourful! Whimsy has donated HUNDREDS of art pieces to various local community-based spaces.  Whimsy has also donated THOUSANDS of dollars back into our community, showing that we CAN paint, especially when there's a purpose...

Together, we made a difference, one canvas at a time ♥ 

With a paintbrush in their hands, and a sparkle in their eyes, artists have learned new skills, discovered their own creative abilities, and defeated nervous energy by trying new things. We've silenced the inner voices that say 'we can't' and replaced them with the knowledge that we've all got imagination and the ability to create! We've made believers out of non-believers, with beautiful masterpieces that prove that we really ARE all artists! We've embraced our differences, and encouraged one another with positive affirmations and a shared belief that we all have a creative vision worth celebrating. 

"Thank you for creating with me artists!  What an inspiring 8 years it's been.  Keep creating everyone." Nikki

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