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Whimsy Kids Party Planning

Paint Brush
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Whimsy Kids/Family painting parties are a perfect way for children to celebrate a birthday or other event with their friends.  Together they will share a similar experience as the grown-up events, and connect to their own artistic inspirations!  

Details for kid's parties are as follows:

  • Available to children ages 5+

  • Children/family parties are hosted exclusively at the Whimsy Art Studio

  • Parties include setup/clean up and materials

  • Allows for choice of painting pattern (custom themed art may be available with notice, please ask for details)

  • Approximately 2 hours of guided painting lesson; total of 3 hour party time together (to include time for cake and present openings as appropriate).  If you elect to extend your party past the 3 hour timeline, additional fees will apply.

  • Cost is $289.00 for up to 8 children ($30/additional child)

  • HST applies

  • Cool pARTy favours... kids take home their own masterpiece!

  • Kid's parties are paid for in full at the time of booking.  Guests do not need to register individually online for children's events

  • Parties can be booked on weekdays or weekends- it's just a matter of if the date you're interested in is available... you can pick the time of your party

  • Size-appropriate canvases are used for children/family events to ensure a timely progression and artist success!

  • You are welcome to bring food/drink to your children's party too!  The Whimsy Studio doesn't have a fridge or freezer so ice-cream isn't ideal.  Please discuss your specific plans when you book your party so everything can be created perfectly for your big day!

Whimsy reserves the right to change these prices without notice.

Presenting the Whimsy Family Gallery!

Visit often...this gallery is always growing!

For older children, some of the other Whimsy Gallery pieces can be offered too! Please ask for more options!

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