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Above all:  A great time!

Whimsy parties are all about having fun and being creative. Feel supported as you learn easy painting techniques, connect to your inner-artist and create pieces to be proud of; all while participating in a fun, energetic, social atmosphere.

You've got questions?  We've got answers!

 Take a look through the frequently answered questions below... you might find your answer!

Something different to share?

We welcome your creative questions and ideas.  Please get in touch!


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What if I am not very artsy, or creative?

Not to worry!  The goal here is to provide you with a fun, relaxing and memorable experience.  Whimsy provides a friendly, social, group setting, where you will be guided stroke by stroke replicating the feature painting of the night.  Most guests have little or no experience...that's why the events are instructor-led! By the end, you'll have laughed, sipped, and created something to be proud of!

I have painting experience, but my friend doesn't. Will she enjoy the experience as much as I would?

​First-time artists are encouraged to come and experience a fun, social introduction to painting.  What better place to meet your inner artist than in an encouraging, judgement-free painting party!  Remember, no piece of art is perfect... and no two pieces are truly the same, even when painted by the same person.  Guests with or without painting backgrounds will find our events entertaining, and will get acquainted with their creative selves!

I'd like my friends to join me, can I reserve a spot for them too?

Absolutely!  In fact, if you're planning on attending an event with others, it's a good idea to reserve all spots in one transaction.  The reason for this is because sometimes events sell out quickly.  If you reserve your spot before your friends do, there's a risk that seats may not be available later.  And while often painters come solo and have lots of fun, we wouldn't want you to miss out on fun together with the others you wanted to share the night with!  Also, when you order more than one reservation, there is a spot in the process for you to add your friend(s) names... that way we can be sure they're included on the guest list too!

What is a painting party like?

​Each event is between 3-4 hours in length.  It's best to arrive 15 minutes before start time so you can check in, select your seat, order a drink if you like and mingle with other guests.  (It's challenging for late-comers to catch up.) When you arrive, everything will be waiting for you: paint, brushes, easel, canvas and water for cleaning (don't drink the paint water!).  The instructor will recreate the featured canvas art at the same time you do, providing stroke by stroke instructions.  There will be drying breaks here and there to allow for you to stretch, meet new people and view each other's work!  Typically each event wraps up around 3 hours after start time, as each painting is designed to be started, completed, ready and dry for take home at the end of each party!  Wow, what a cool party favour!

Does Whimsy paint with kids?

We are all artists... little and big!  And with this in mind, Whimsy events are the perfect way to inspire artists of all ages to create.  Whimsy hosts events for children and family, birthday parties, and school classroom events too!  Painting inspires the imagination, builds confidence and provides a wonderful outlet supporting healthy minds and hearts for us all.  Stay connected to see our family events or reach out to plan the perfect pARTy

Do I have to clean up afterwards?

Your only task is to Sip, Paint, Socialize & Repeat!  Everything else is taken care of, just relax and have fun.

Can I rent the Whimsy Art Studio for my own private event?

You'd be crazy not to! The Whimsy Art Studio surrounds you with artistic inspiration and energy!  There is no extra charge to use the studio for your private party, and as host, YOU ARE FREE! Whimsy takes care of all the details and you just have to show up and have fun!  Whimsy provides complimentary coffee, tea and water.  You are welcome to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks too.  Licensed event options are easily available too!  Call for details on booking your best pARTy plan!

What should I wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in.  Whimsy will provide aprons, but they don't cover everything so it's recommended that you wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on– just in case! We use acrylic paints which typically doesn't come off clothing when dried. If you should drop some paint on your attire – cold water quickly applied is the best method to try to remove it, but you might just be going home with a little artwork on your outfit! 


What kind of paint do you use?

We use acid-free non-toxic, acrylic paint that is perfect for beginners who are learning new painting techniques.  It can sometimes clean with soap and water when wet but is typically waterproof and permanent when dry. (A little tip... if you get home and spot a spot, rubbing alcohol might be the solution!)   

What size is the canvas used?

Typically the canvas is 16"x20", but sometimes other sizes are used to best suit the canvas art being featured. Children's paintings and family event pieces are on smaller canvases to suit as needed.  

Will I be able to take my art home on the same night?

Yes!  Each painting is designed to be dry in time for take home... if you find there are some wet spots, you can make use of the hair dryer to speed up the process.

Do I have to paint the same thing as the artist? Can I do my own thing?

You can absolutely do your own thing! While most guests choose to follow along, this is your night and your canvas.  Whether you choose different colours, change shapes, add little extras, or paint your own original design, being unique is encouraged!  

Can I host a private party with Whimsy?

Yes!  Whimsy provides the perfect atmosphere for your next private event...any day of the week, any time of the day! Whether it be an event for your clients, co-workers or gal-pals, we've got it covered.  And we haven't forgotten about your mini-me!  Whimsy Kids birthday parties celebrate and create all at once! 


Book your party at the Whimsy Art Studio and as the host, you're free!  If you'd like to paint elsewhere, you pick the space, and Whimsy will be there. Gather up 10 or more guests and decant your creativity, with you as the host! Reach out to discuss how to customize the perfect pARTy for you!

How do I sign up to reserve my canvas?

It's easy!  Just visit our Upcoming Events page, pick the event that works for you, pay for your seat(s) and your spot(s) will be waiting for you!  If you are interested in booking a private party, reach out directly to get that creative ball rolling!

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can reserve your canvas by credit card!  Details are noted in the payment process.   For client/staff/school functions, an invoice can be provided and you can also pay by cheque.   

I see the word 'Shipping' in the reservation process, is something shipped to me?

If you order a gift certificate, it will be mailed to you but for a reservation no, actually nothing is shipped to you.  The 'shipping' info section is your area to enter your contact information for the purpose of reserving your canvas for the event you have selected.  While there is nothing to ship to you in this transaction, it is due to design limitations that you are being prompted for this info in this the wording cannot be changed.  Just fill out the necessary fields as needed, and upon completing your transaction we will have all we need to hold your spot(s)!  When you come to the event, the only thing you need to bring is your thirst for creativity... well and maybe your wallet in case you order up some liquid inspiration!  If you attend an event in the studio, you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and food.  Coffee, tea and water are provided free of charge. (Licensed events options available.  Please call for details.)

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Your supplies are ordered and your seat is reserved in advance of your event.  For this reason, we ask that you provide 48 hours notice if you need to cancel.  This allows us the opportunity to fill the space. Refunds are not issued, however we will honour a credit (that does not expire) to be used for another regular public event of your choice.  Cancellations should be made by phone or email.   We are sorry, but we cannot issue credits for less than 48 hours notice or ‘no shows’.  Please note that this cancellation does not apply to bookings for Private Events.

Will you ever cancel an event?

Cancelling a party is the last thing we want to happen!  However, while we will always do our best to ensure our events take place as scheduled, unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, minimum registration numbers not reached or instructor illness etc. may cause host cancellations. In the event of a host cancellation, guests will be notified via email or phone, and a credit will be issued for another event booking or in some cases refunds will be offered.

If we come with a group or a friend can we sit together?

Because we cannot guarantee that seats are partnered together, arriving early is your best way to ensure that you and your pals are near one another.   Sometimes if painters aren't already seated together with friends, they may be able to play musical chairs to try to match friends up.

Can I bring a non-painting guest to watch me paint?

So sorry... but due to limited space we must limit the guests to those who are participating.  But hey, let's encourage your friend to join you in this fun, easy night out!  

Is there an age requirement for public events?

Just like classroom activities and teaching styles are designed to be age appropriate, so are Whimsy painting events.  Unless otherwise noted, public events are designed for guests age 14+. In our partnered establishments, alcohol will not be served to anyone under age 19, so you may have to provide ID.  (Consider it a compliment on your youthful appearance!)  Also, have a look at event details!  Sometimes we have family or children's public events that have the perfect canvas art and atmosphere for all ages.     

Do you provide alcohol at your events?

​Whimsy & Wine public events are partnered with local establishments who have got your cocktail and wine list covered!  Each guest may order from the menu(s) as preferred and pay their server directly as they would at any regular visit.  


If alcohol is served at a private event, the event host is responsible for providing and serving any alcohol as well as the licencing (as appropriate) for their event.  Whimsy does not supply or serve alcoholic beverages and remains independent of any liabilities associated with alcohol consumption.

If you wish to book the studio for your private event and wish to have alcohol on your menu, licensed options are easily available!  Please call for details.

Is there an opportunity to organize a fundraiser with Whimsy?

Whimsy strongly believes in giving back to the community.  Creativity, inspiration and art mixed with community connection creates a masterpiece!  For this reason, Whimsy's community contribution program provides the opportunity to pour thousands of dollars (and tonnes of paint!) into a variety of good causes each year!  Our painting parties are fun and unique, and have high earning potential.  Whimsy offers charitable fundraisers once a month, and these are booked on a first come first serve  request basis.   Each event requires a minimum of 15 painters, to a maximum of 30 painters (the studio holds a 22 guests).  The requesting host secures the location, and in the end, Whimsy offers the party to you at a reduced rate to ensure you can keep some great profits for your the cause!  Want to know more? Say hello!  

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